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Get The Facts

Besides purchasing electricity, there is no other cost associated with solar in Power Purchase Agreement. We are simply providing cheaper electricity than your utility company. We also have zero-down financing for customers wanting to own their own solar system.
We have 7 years of experience building relationships with numerous solar lenders and installers. With these relationships come competitive zero-down pricing and phenomenal service.
We make money by selling the electricity produced by our solar panels to our customers.
Simply get in touch with the solar company’s transfer department. They will transfer the agreement to the new owner regardless of credit rating.
Give us 30 days’ notice and well will remove, store, and re-install the solar system at an agreed upon cost.
The best way to get an accurate answer is to have your home surveyed. This will show us how much power we can produce.

At our Net Metering Systems, you can expect quality service and a reliable and efficient install of your solar system. We offer a range of solar solutions to meet your needs and budget, and our experienced team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

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$500 to $1,000 per Solar Referral*
Get paid to help your friends and family save money on their electric bill.

*Dependent on size of system

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